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Building a Successful DEI Strategy Requires More Than “Passion”

This article discusses the need for sustainable Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies in organizations, emphasizing a “STACKS” approach that includes systems


Elements of Inclusive, Anti-Oppressive Governance

This article shares elements to support good governance in the non-profit sector and can be a tool for ensuring that your organization’s


Social Location and Systems of Oppression

This article explores how understanding our own social location is foundational to understanding how individual and systemic bias/discrimination operate. Check out the


Welcoming Your Trans or Non-binary Colleague – Workplace Inclusion

This article shares a few significant overarching pieces to support your organization to help create an environment that anticipates and welcomes trans



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Blackness in Canada

23 February, 2024

During this session, Justin Nathaniel will address the recurrent problem of Blackness and belonging in Canada. According to its predominant national narratives, Canada is a nation premised on the ideals of democracy, diversity, inclusion. Participants will learn about systematic and persistent anti-black racism latent in our nation. They will examine the location of blackness within the Canadian national identity and consider the ways in which black histories are an integral part of a larger Canadian narrative.
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Ottawa Meet and Greet + Speed Networking

27 February, 2024

As a Participant in the 50-30 Challenge, we are thrilled to invite you to a Meet & Greet + Speed Networking event. Our team (and special advisors from Fanshawe) will be introducing the 50 – 30 Challenge, along with an orientation of the What Works Toolkit.
One of the goals of this session is to establish a relationship with the advisors on this project.
We look forward to welcoming you to CICan and to the 50-30 Challenge.
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Mois de l’Histoire des – La Diversité des communautés noires

28 February, 2024

Afin de souligner le Mois de l’Histoire des Noirs, nous organisons une série d’ateliers-discussions où des membres de la communauté noire viendrons partager leur expertise autour des bases de l’EDI, à savoir l’Équité, la Diversité et l’Inclusion, dans nos milieux de travail.
Le mercredi 28 février retrouvez-nous en présentiel au collège Maisonneuve, pour une exposition suivie d’un panel de discussion.
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My Little Unicorn: The Magic of the Gender and Sexual Spectrum

In this video we will discover the gender and sexual spectrum. Passcode: 1+d*Ir3G


Rising to the Challenge: Workplace Equity, Diveristy and Inclusion

This 60 minute webinar discusses the special relationship Canada has with First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples and how to sustain EDI best practice in your organization


Perspectives LIVE – Taking equity diversity and inclusion to the next level

How can colleges and institutes address labour shortages while keeping equity, diversity and inclusion top of mind?



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“Tu n’as pas l’air d’être autochtone” et autres préjugés

Feuillet déconstruisant plusieurs préjugés sur les personnes et communautés autochtones.

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Guide Mieux nommer et mieux comprendre : changer de regard sur les réalités

Ce guide offre des outils pratiques aux médias et aux services de soutien de première ligne qui interagissent, directement ou indirectement, avec des personnes trans. Il vise non seulement à prévenir les situations problématiques et les propos maladroits, mais aussi à faciliter des interactions bienveillantes et respectueuses.

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