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Colleges & Institutes Canada

About Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan)

We strengthen the system. Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) is the national and international voice of more than 140 publicly supported colleges, institutes, CEGEPs, and polytechnics across the country. Our work gives colleges and institutes the opportunity to work together towards a common goal, to learn from each other, and to maximize the impact of Canada’s largest post-secondary network.

As a proud 50 – 30 Challenge Ecosystem Partner, we are committed to supporting Canadian organizations through the challenge and in their EDI journeys. Working closely with colleges and institutes across the country, we hope to  advance equity, diversity and inclusion in real and meaningful ways, transforming aspirations to reality and creating positive change in communities across Canada.

Areas of expertise:

  • Our work positions colleges and institutes as solutions providers. We champion the strength of colleges and institutes, already in our communities working with SMEs, in key areas such as climate change, innovation, Indigenous education, economic growth, and sustainable development.

How we can support 50 – 30 Challenge Participants:

CICan has built a project team specifically to support the many organizations registered in the 50 – 30 Challenge on their unique journeys. This project team, based in colleges and institutes across the country, is ready to work with you in person or online. Together, we offer support with:

  • Individualized support from EDI Advisors
  • Support navigating and implementing the What Works Toolkit;
  • Policy reviews, implementation mentorship and consulting
  • Peer support and access to a network of organizations committed to EDI
  • Customized workshops and training

In everything that we do, we use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for collaboration to ensure that our actions contribute to positive change for people, communities, and the planet.

Would you like personalized support in planning, reviewing or implementing your EDI strategies and policies?

If so, discover our purpose-built team of 50 – 30 Challenge Hubs or use the form below and we’ll match you with a Hub in your area.

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