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Niigaanawandong ‘The One Who Sees Ahead’

In this workshop, Candace Dube will share her sacred story and explore the importance of Indigenous Ways of Being in the workplace by defining and demonstrating Indigenous understandings. Personal, holistic, experiential, place-based, and intergenerational themes will be discussed. Participants are encouraged to bring their curiosity and questions to this shame-free, blame-free, shared learning space.

You will learn:

  1. About Anishinaabe Ways of Being
  2. A historical story of Humans Being as it applies to Anishinaabe Ways of Being
  3. How to recognize, include and practice Anishinaabe Ways of Being in the workplace

This event is hosted by the 50 – 30 Challenge Fanshawe College Hub, in collaboration with CICan.


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