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Leading with Purpose, Influencing with Compassion: Women Executives Changing the Game

Conversations and a mini-workshop to explore how women leaders can translate their personal definitions of Purpose as powerful tools to drive change. It takes some work to clarify one’s purpose, but once it is in hand, and it is combined with a set of personal values, it can engender confidence and clarity. The aim for this event is that attendees will have an opportunity to reflect on their own strengths and to take away some tangible ideas – and a little inspiration! – to become catalysts for positive change.


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Le Défi 50-30: Votre avantage, la diversité

27 November, 2023

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Unconscious biases Part II

23 November, 2023

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Mental health and support in the workplace.

22 November, 2023

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Meet and Greet + Speed Networking Cambridge

16 November, 2023

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