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CPHR HR Conference 2023: Working Loud & Proud – Empowering our Workforce

Quiet quitting was so last year. This year, we’re embracing what makes work great. We are focused on employee engagement and recognizing the people and practices that make our organizations competitive when it comes to attracting the best people for the job. This theme celebrates our achievements, empowers our workers and recognizes the value of HR at work. Join the Diversity Institute’s founder and academic director Wendy Cukier for a session on why diversity in leadership matters and how to increase diversity in your organization’s boards and leadership. This session will address the status of board diversity, why diversity in leadership matters, voluntary codes, and the ways forward.


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Inclusive Leadership: Meeting the 50 – 30 Challenge Goals

29 March, 2024

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Devenir une organisation neuroinclusive : Plus accessible que vous ne le pensez!

22 March, 2024

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Midi-ÉDI : Propos racistes au travail, que faire?

21 March, 2024

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Mieux comprendre les réalités autochtones

20 March, 2024

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